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Vote for AMP It UP Videos

As you may know, the Sutton Middle School contacted Mayfield to participate in the AMP it Up challenge and brought students to tour our facility in January. We showed them a video put out by the SPE as an introduction to thermoforming. We also showed them sample parts and had a question and answer session both before & after the shop tour. Most of the time they were here was on the shop floor filming and watching the operations in process to gather information for their projects.  (A three minute VIDEO to answer these three questions; How is it made? Why does it matter? And lastly, What does it mean to me?)  Overall it went very well and both the students and the teachers were appreciative of our time.


This challenge was put together to provide an opportunity for schools to win important grant funding.  To show our support, I invite everyone in their spare time to go to the below reference Link and vote for their favorite video.  Two videos I found especially outstanding that also answers the three important questions were; Our Adventure to Mayfield Plastics and AMP it Up: A Guide to Thermoforming.

You can vote at the link below.




Here are a few of our favorite videos.





Thanks in advance for voting and I hope you enjoy the videos as much as we did.



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