Did You Know This About Thermoforming?

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Koko Smart TrainerDid you realize that thermoforming is a crucial industry for many different types of companies from medical device companies to aerospace companies and more?  Here’s why.

Thermoformers produce plastic products that are either created through thin-gauge or thick-gauge thermoforming.  Thermoforming is a process that essentially uses a sheet of heated plastic which then becomes pliable and can be placed in a mold, trimmed, and cooled.   Continue Reading

How Do You Know The Right Plastic To Use

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Plastic To the untrained eye, plastic is plastic. As an industry professional, however, you’re well aware that there are tens of thousands of plastic variations. With so many options available, do you feel confident that you’re selecting the right materials for your projects? To eliminate doubt, it’s a good idea to incorporate the UL IDES Prospector tool into your plastic part design consideration. Here’s a breakdown of what the Prospector tool is, and how you can use it to benefit your business.  Continue Reading

Fresh Set of Eyes on Your Injection Molding or Thermoforming Project

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Manytimes when you are working on a project hour after hour you tend to start to stop paying attention to detail and the project starts to seem overwhelming.

Engineers are classically trained to learn about injection molding during their years in college or technical school which is great.. but Thermoforming is different from injection molding in many ways.  Some are obvious and some are not so obvious so it’s important to get a technical engineer that works with thermoforming on a daily basis to review your files and project specs to make sure you are moving in the right direction for your project.

It always makes sense to have your project reviewed by experts in their field. Most engineers today handle a multitude of specialties and disciplines making it impossible to be a “master” of a niche process such as Plastics and molding and thermoforming.

Take some time and receive input from a thermoforming company for your next project. You may be able to:

  • Save a considerable sum on tooling
  • Bring your project to market faster
  • Produce smaller quantities economically
  • Form larger parts
Whatever your project, consider reviewing your drawings with a thermoforming manufacturer who has helped hundreds of OEM’s produce high quality parts and bring them to market faster with lower minimums.

The Quest For Quality Thermoformed Plastic Parts

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Thermoformers are more aware than ever of their customers’ quest for quality.   Mechanical engineers and designers are demanding that the thermoformed, vacuum formed, and pressure formed parts they order are manufactured by plastic forming companies that can provide quality with each and every part. It is not uncommon, for example, for a company that buys thermoformed plastic enclosures for their medical devices to have to meet the quality requirements mandated by governmental agencies, consumer agencies and other stakeholders.  Meet the quality requirements or count us out is often the demand today.

These new standards cause thermoformers  to re-examine their quality control methodology
in order to improve the quality their customers demand.  The mantra often voiced within a thermoforming company that, “our parts have the same fine quality now as they did 15 years ago” falls on deaf ears today.  Plastic forming companies have to understand that their quality processes need to be evaluated differently today because the quest for quality is now predicated not only on industry standards but also on the standards of their customers end users.  So what was “fine” years ago might be totally unacceptable today.

Sadly, many custom plastic part suppliers view quality as the quality manager’s job because it is often viewed as the purview of the quality team and not as the objective of the manufacturing process.  When the quality manager fails to approve a product, that rejection should serve as a signal that there is a flaw somewhere in the manufacturing process that needs to be corrected to satisfy the needs of the customer.  The quest for quality should resonate throughout the company. 

Years ago Ford Motor Company adopted a company-wide position that said “Quality is Job One”.  The quest for quality is not a fad.  It is not a momentary intrusion into the manufacturing process.  It is not short lived.  The quest for quality is really about the quest for a manufacturing company’s ability to survive in a new global economy.

If you would like to know more about Thermoforming process,  you can download our whitepaper “Intro to Thermoforming“.

intro to thermoforming


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Our work with mechanical engineers and designers on plastic thermoforming projects often requires an exploration into which plastic has the exact properties an engineer or designer needs for their project. 

A lot of time can be spent doing research so we looked for a comprehensive tool that lets us help our customers faster and better.  We found this site:  www.ides.com.

IDES is part of the highly regarded UL.  They have a Plastics Prospector feature on this web site which can really help you.   Here is a short screen shot of the site:

Check out www.ides.com.  You might save yourself a lot of time creating beautiful vacuum formed or pressure formed custom-made medical devices enclosures that are pressure formed and vacuum formed.