Did You Know This About Thermoforming?

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Koko Smart TrainerDid you realize that thermoforming is a crucial industry for many different types of companies from medical device companies to aerospace companies and more?  Here’s why.

Thermoformers produce plastic products that are either created through thin-gauge or thick-gauge thermoforming.  Thermoforming is a process that essentially uses a sheet of heated plastic which then becomes pliable and can be placed in a mold, trimmed, and cooled.   Continue Reading

Radomes: Can Radio Signals Penetrate Through Plastic?

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radomesProtecting delicate antennae that receive radio waves from the ravages of Mother Nature and other mechanical harm is most often accomplished through the use of a radome. The word “radome” itself is a combination of “radar” and “dome” and describes the functionality of the device.

Radomes are constructed of suitable plastics that are essentially transparent to radio signals. In other words, the materials used to construct the radome have no significant effect on either the amplitude or frequency of the incoming signal. This fact is extremely important when using the radio waves to establish such things as distance, speed and location.

One of the most typical methods for manufacturing radomes is plastic thermoforming.  Thermoforming is an ideal process because the tools used in thermoforming are less expensive than other methods.  Thermoforming also is an ideal process for creating radomes that have highly the cosmetic finishes that owners of luxury yachts and recreational vehicles demand.  Continue Reading